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My name is Anna Weltman and I have created Top Performance Consulting offering mental skills training and performance consulting to athletes and others in the performance arenas.

Top Performance Consulting offers honest service, relays straight-forward advice, and encourages healthy and sensible practices in sport.



Top Performance Consulting provides performance counseling to all clients while adhering to professional and ethical standards.



Top Performance Consulting builds strong contenders who confidently enhance their outcomes for success, attain their goals, and live their dreams.


Expect the following from Top Performance Consulting:

Excellence in Fulfilling Our Promises:  We are confidential, reliable, trustworthy.  Our expertise allows us to build effective programs for clients and to produce excellent results.

We Understand You:  We are athletes and we understand athletes and performers, catering to them with precision and sensitivity.  We are aware of what obstacles lie in your path and have years of experience helping you to overcome them.  We are well-connected in the sports and health communities and can recommend additional resources whenever necessary.

International Perspective:  With continual research, we apply cutting-edge methods used worldwide in the field of professional sport psychology.   We understand diversity in culture, practice, and belief, and provide multilingual service to our clients.



As founder of Top Performance Consulting, my personal mission is to deliver honest and straight-forward service, encouraging healthy and sensible practices.

Having always been an athlete, I found that the “Mental Game” was the most important factor in creating performance success.  Everything depends on how well you can control your mind.  Your best game involves your head almost more than your body.

After a few years of teaching swing mechanics to golfers, I decided that it was time to pursue the mental aspects of the game and quickly began to set up clinics for them to work on “Mental Training”.   Response was huge and results spoke for themselves!  Over 30 of my golf students signed up for the first clinic and they walked away feeling empowered and in control of their game!

I believe that we have a never-ending supply of what we need most – brains!  All we have to do is understand how to access our brain, learn to control our thoughts, our feelings, and our minds .  That’s why I say: “Your Brain…Your Greatest Natural Resource!”


My Training

My Master’s Degree is in Sport Counseling from the San Diego University of Integrative Studies.

Prior to my advanced degree, I have completed my BA from the University of Ottawa in Middle East Studies, focusing on anxiety and stress products of war-torn societies.

In addition, I obtained my Gymnastics Coaching Certification from Wingate Sports University in Israel, and my PGA Elite Golf Management Certificate from Camosun College, in British Columbia.


To keep up to date with the latest research and methods in sport psychology, I annually attend several conferences related to the field:


Keeping up to date with the academic world of Sport Psychology is also important. Here are a few of my usual annual stop-overs in the University world:


Triathlon Experience

I have been doing triathlons now for the past three years, after a 20 year hiatus.  I participated in my first triathlon back in the 1980′s.

I currently work to help intermediate level tri-athletes overcome their individual, specific mental challenges, enabling them to improve substantially and succeed in their sport.  I focus on the issues of concentration and motivation by teaching athletes imagery.  This helps to improve their performance, as well as sustain them when thwarted by injury.  I also work with them on goal setting, focus, routines, changing negative self-talk, and re-framing negative experiences.

Golf Experience

Worked as an Assistant Golf Professional after completing the CPGA Elite Golf Management program in 1997.  Before that, I had played for 26 years (since age 7) and have lots of experience with the game.


Rehab Therapy

I run an independent mobile service called ’Stretch-at-Home’ that caters to people who are in need of regular exercise but not able to leave their homes.  I drive to the home with the necessary safety mats and equipment to assist the client with performing specified routine stretches and strength exercises. Usually, this is done in conjunction with instructions from the client’s physiotherapist and or other medical adviser.

I cater to anyone who is ‘physically disabled’, whether their their challenges stem from congenital or accidental causes.  I posses years of experience with flexibility and fitness, as well as practitioner courses in specialties such as WatsuJahara, and Water Dance to assist people in achieving their desired physical needs.


What Defines Success?  What Can  You Achieve?

Increased Drive and Persistence
Improved Self Discipline

Better Strategy Management

More Effective ‘Big Picture’ Assessment

‘Relaxed Alertness’ (Readiness)
Calmness and Serenity

Mentally More Resilient

Focus on the Goal and Eliminate Distraction
Erase Doubts, Remove Negative Self-Talk


How Sport Counseling Helps

Performers overcome their specific mental challenges; athletes improve substantially and succeed in their sport.

Performance consulting and mental skills training can benefit all types of sports as well as many different areas of everyday life.  They are helpful for restoring a positive balance in life, understanding and coping with anxiety, evaluating and jump-starting motivation, and managing your overall well-being, both physically and mentally.

Private consultations assess current strengths and areas suitable for improvement.  Group workshops also offered.


Examples of Unique Needs

  • Endurance Athletes: Various challenges unique to this type of sport, such as keeping focused during long distances, or pre-competition preparation to overcome nervousness.


  • Gymnasts, Golfers, and other ‘Closed-skill’ Athletes:  ‘Pre-shot’ routines, visualization, and relaxation.


  • Extreme Sport Athletes, Ocean sports, Cyclists, Skiers: Anxiety and fear, high-speed descents, imminent danger, recurring injury.


  • Also: Goal setting, improving your PR (personal record), transitioning into a new career after sport retirement, self-image, motivation, over-exercising.


I offer private one-to-one consulting to assess current strengths and areas suitable for improvement, then design a plan together with you to address your specific needs.  Group workshops are offered as well.



Let Top Performance Consulting help you reach your goals of success!

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