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Anna Weltman - Top Performance Consultant

My Promise to You

My name is Anna Weltman and I have created Top Performance Consulting, offering mental skills training and performance enhancement to athletes and business leaders.

Top Performance Consulting offers dependable service, relays straight-forward advice, and encourages healthy and sensible practices in sport.

My Mission

Top Performance Consulting provides performance counseling to all clients while adhering to professional and ethical standards.

My Vision

Top Performance Consulting builds strong contenders who confidently enhance their outcomes for success, attain their goals, and live their dreams.


Professional Formation

  • MA Sport Counseling
  • Advanced Practitioner – TAIS©
  • Member of APA, Division 47
  • Canadian Pro Golf Association Professional
  • International Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor
  • Certified Professional Coach – Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
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What to expect from Top Performance Consulting

Excellence in Fulfilling Our Promises:  We are confidential, trustworthy, and reliable.  Our expertise allows us to build effective programs for clients and to produce excellent results.


We Understand You:  We are athletes and we understand performers, catering to them with precision and sensitivity.  We have years of experience helping you to choose your path.  We are well-connected in the sports and health communities and can recommend additional resources whenever necessary.


International Perspective:  With continual research, we apply cutting-edge methods used worldwide in the field of professional sports psychology.  We understand diversity in culture, practice, and belief, and provide multilingual service to our clients.

…Over 9 Years of Performance Coaching…
All Sports — All Levels
Presentations, Workshops, Clinics
Working with Coaches and Parents
TAIS Assessment

/ How Sport Counseling Helps

Performers overcome their specific mental challenges; athletes improve substantially and succeed in their sport.

Sport psychology consulting and mental training can benefit all types of sports as well as many different areas of everyday life.  It is helpful for restoring positive balance in life, understanding and coping with anxiety, evaluating and jump-starting motivation, and managing overall well-being, both physically and mentally. 

Athletes of every caliber, coaches, military personnel, and business-people can all benefit by improving their mental skills training.

Let's Work Together
Attain high levels of self-motivation
Set high and realistic goals
Deal effectively with others
Manage emotions
Maintain focus and concentration
Mental game
Para/Special needs
One on One Consulting

I offer private one-to-one consulting to assess current strengths and areas suitable for improvement, then design a plan together with you to address your specific needs.  Group workshops are offered as well.

What You Can Achieve

Focus on the Goal, Mental Toughness, Relaxed Alertness, Self-Discipline, Erase Doubts, “Big Picture” Assessment, Calmness and Serenity, Manage Strategies, Eliminate Distraction

I Serve Athletes

Triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers: various challenges unique to their sport such as keeping focused during long distances, or pre-competition jitters. Gymnasts, golfers, extreme sport and other “closed-skill” athletes:  “pre-shot/pre-move” routines, visualization, and relaxation.

Unique Needs

Goal setting, improving your PR (personal record), transitioning into a new career after sport retirement,  managing self-image and dieting challenges. Anxiety and fear: Ocean sports, downhill cycling descents, recurring injury.

/ Client Testimonials

I first started working with Anna as part of her graduate studies, and have continued to utilize her services as a client of Top Performance Consulting.  Anna has been incredibly helpful in opening up the world of mental training for performance improvement and I have successfully utilized the tools and techniques she has taught me to improve both my event performance times and my ability to maximize my training. Read More

Scott Rice – Triathlete, Multiple IM Finisher

I began working with Anna so I could understand why I could not just “do” an event, I always had to “race” and push myself. After pushing myself to my limits I was sometimes not satisfied with what I had done.  I really wanted just to be able to go and enjoy a race and not worry about having a “PR” performance or being on the podium.  How can I execute a race as a training race or honesty just for FUN??

Anna asked some difficult questions and we got right to the issues.  With some brutal honesty and self reflection along with other exercises over the course of a few sessions I was able to actually consider, realistically, what I wanted to do and how to do it.

A few months later I completed a half marathon, just for FUN – at Disneyland with a teddy bear in a pack on my chest! Read More

Dee Ann Smith - Triathlete, Cyclist, Coach
Read More

During my sessions with her, Anna showed me new ways of strengthening my mental skills that I had never even thought of. Some of the work that I was practicing started to become habit-forming and that really helped keep the good things stuck in my head so that negativity wouldn’t creep in and stop me. I find now that I can focus more on the task at hand and push away irrelevant thinking during competitions. I really liked some of the techniques she showed me and I will keep using them.

Paul-Luc Ronchetti - Professional Skateboarder 2008 UK Champion

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