Our Vision

My philosophy has always been: First, Accept.  Then, Understand. Do not judge.  Do not impose.   Simply Guide.

My approach is to accept others as they are - as they present themselves to me...

Then I strive to understand their needs, and find a way to serve them.

What drives my business is the constant daily recognition that every human being is trying their best, using what knowledge, awareness, and tools they have at the time.  I

t is my job to equip others with the understanding and realization that they are ALREADY ENOUGH, and that they can choose to learn and grow in order to experience new things in life.

My process is simple:  Listen, describe what I know, and work together to use the best approach available.


Our Story

Anna Weltman opened a small, portable class room, next to the driving range where she worked, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  After many boring demonstrations of golf swing mechanics on the practice tee, she decided that it was time to teach the MENTAL SIDE of the game of golf.  Thus grew the introduction of sport psychology to her club members.

Top Performance Consulting morphed from mental skills training for golfers to specific training in many other sports including gymnastics, surfing, triathlon, Martial arts, tennis, skateboarding, skiing, and many more.  Toronto, Ottawa, and San Diego became hot spots for clinics, lessons, workshops, and seminars on the importance of the 'other aspect' of sport performance.

Realizing that not everyone is an athlete, but many people could benefit from the same training athletes received, Top Performance Consulting became a source of successful guidance for health, fitness, and lifestyle enhancement.




Meet the Team

Anna Weltman - Sport Counselor and Mental Skills Coach

Anna Weltman

Founder and CEO

A gymnast, golfer, and triathlete, Anna Weltman has over a decade of coaching sport, a Master's degree in Sport Psychology and a wide experience in private enterprise.

Next Steps...

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