Anna Weltman – Peak Performance Consultant

I am the founder of Top Performance Consulting, a service firm that stimulates performance excellence in sport and business. I help my clients boldly surpass their limits, and raise the bar for the competition. I challenge and develop peoples’ attitudes and inner-beliefs, grooming them for success. Visit my website for more information:

I am a certified TAIS™ practitioner (Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style) used for assessment and development of elite athletes and organizational leaders. I work with individuals and teams, ensuring that each client is served creatively, recognizing their unique character mix and blend of needs.

My impeccable understanding of what prompts a winner, what are the emotional setbacks and blocks preventing performance, and what are the ways to resolve those challenges, is what qualifies me as an outstanding resource to C-level executives, surgeons, pilots, and professionals whose livelihoods require consistent attention to details, mitigation of extreme conditions, and management of high stress levels.

With over 20 years of experience in all sizes of industry, including non-profit, I have leveraged my knowledge of information systems and process engineering with mentoring and training – enabling colleagues in Finance, Technology, Health, and Recreation to grow and develop individually and as teams.

I participate on the North San Diego Chamber of Commerce’s Military Transition Council as a mentor to transitioning veterans, have served as a volunteer guide to visually impaired athletes with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, and eagerly assist young golfers who are from marginalized sectors of the San Diego county.

In addition to earning a BA in Middle East Studies and an MA specializing in Sport Counselling, I have also participated in the Canadian Professional Golf Association (CPGA) Elite Golf Management program, earning the title of CPGA Assistant Golf Professional. I founded a golf instruction curriculum focused on learning the “Mental Skills of Golf”, used at private golf clubs and in sport and recreation centers.

I write, produce, and offer workshops to help my clients uncover their own vision, and purpose. I have coached elite and recreational level gymnastics, golf, surfing, and triathletes, and taught all levels of yoga instruction, always with the aim of improving and reaching one’s peak performance.

Personal Statement: “All of my work, whether serving clients, athletes, coaches, or the spinal-cord-injury population, is based on empathetic and emotionally intelligent communication. I provide customized training and interventions from teaching body-awareness and mindfulness to using psychological assessment tools and encouraging introspective discussion. I strive to encourage all whom I serve to reach their highest levels of performance.”